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Dear players,

New updates for Grepolis are always on the horizon - we hope you're looking forward to the improvements and fixes as much as we are. ;)

If you're interested in taking a more active role in the direction of the game we all know and love, we would welcome your presence on our Beta worlds. The Beta is where we first roll out the intended changes to get the community's help with bug finding as well as your feedback on any and all changes. We hand out free premium on a monthly basis (non-premium needs to get tested too!) for active players and only for the Beta version.

What we look for in Beta testers:
- Good game knowledge;
- Motivation. We've currently got a great forum community on Beta, everyone is there to help us make an even better game;
- English. All communication on Beta is done in English - it's the language everyone has good reason to know, so that's what we use. Your English certainly doesn't have to be perfect - as long as you can understand what is going on and you can make yourself be understood you'll be fine.

Are you what we're looking for? We’re looking forward to meeting you on World 3!

Best regards,

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